Volvo Truck Campaign

For my first post I thought I’d briefly comment on the recent videos from Volvo that feature record-holding high liner Faith Dickey walking a rope between two Volvo trucks, and Jean Claude Van Damme doing the splits between two of their trucks driving backwards on a runway. I chose these videos not only because they are examples of amazing physical feats, but also of the effective marketing techniques for the campaign that Volvo is currently running.

It’s no secret that Volvo manufactures some of the safest cars in the automotive industry. They have a great reputation. So is it surprising that one video could rack up 25 million views in one week? Im not sure. The video that I’m talking about is the Van Damme video. Within one week it had 25 million views and is now up past 35 million. So what exactly caused a video like that to go viral? I think its partially because Van Damme is in it. They would have gotten the same, if not greater, response if it had been Chuck Norris. It’s also the production of the video. It’s obviously well composed, with appropriate narration and music. And its a bit off the wall as well. I feel that people today respond to ideas that are a bit “out there”, things that haven’t been done. And this is one of them. It’s refreshing. They could have gone with Chuck Norris. But everyone talks and jokes about him. Van Damme is a secret weapon.

Whether Van Damme is the reason that the video went viral or not, Volvo is definitely doing a great job utilizing YouTube as an marketing platform. Apparently these are only two of a series of videos for their current marketing campaign. And I can’t wait to see the rest.


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